Best Backpack for Neck Pain: [ Top 5 ] Sufferers Must Look at!

Carrying a backpack is cool unless you have to do that for the entire day. You carry your world inside your backpack if you are going to college, camping, or in general commuting. Hence, it contributes to neck pain if carried for long. Therefore, we are here with the best backpack for neck pain in this article.

The exotic backpacks that we are going to show have the optimum results in preventing such pains, like the neck, back, and shoulder. Without compromising on the style and quality you want, we have picked the best backpack with back support. amongst the myriads of them. We will provide A-Z information on those backpacks as well, so keep on reading.

Comparison Table of the Best Backpack for Neck Pain

A backpack is a useful tool for a traveler, a mountaineer, or a student. The backpack can reduce the number of stresses for you by carrying several tools and essential things on it. At present, a backpack has become an icon for those who are fashion conscious.

But, carrying a backpack may cause injuries due to excessive load. You may face back pain or neck pain by using an inaccurate backpack. Also, you will face shoulder pain from the improper backpack. So, you need to choose an accurate backpack for your regular use. That can feel a comfortable usage in daily activity.

Before buying the right backpack, you need to consider its salient features and quality. Shoulder strap, hip strap, capacity, design are the core thing of a backpack to avoid back pain. Here, we have provided a comparison table about the Best Backpack for Neck Pain below:


What to look for in the best backpack for Neck pain:

Here is the list of things you need to look at before buying a backpack for shoulder pain, neck, or back pain.

Padded Shoulder Straps:

Shoulders that are generously padded helps to keep the weight of the bag from falling directly on the shoulder. Hence, while you carry it for long, you won’t feel excessive pressure on your shoulder.

Back Padding:

Now comes the back pain. Look for a backpack that has a substantial and sturdy pad on the back of the bag. This prevents the weight of the items inside, shifting to your back.

Also, avoid carrying the backpack too low, near hips. This causes the weight of the backpack to hurt your spine. Moreover, if you are already suffering pain, make sure you don’t overload your backpack.


It’s not necessary, but having a chest strap is considered a boon to people having back, or neck pain. The strap will snuggle the backpack with your back, which will aid in managing weight even more. For excessively overweight bags, one must tie the chest strap.

Some Additional Features:

Extra Pockets:

When your bag has additional pockets inside and out, it helps you to keep petty things there. This distributes the weight evenly, although it might not make a huge difference. But having extra pockets can benefit everyone for long trips or so.

Lumbar Support:

Having a backpack that provides lumbar support means it is going to keep your spine in the right place. No matter how heavy a bag you carry. Back pain mostly occurs when your spine gets overtaxed. Hence, finding a lumbar support backpack can help you deal with the issue.


Having a waterproof backpack is a life savior. Doesn’t matter for what purpose you are buying the bag, a waterproof bag will save you at the right time. Your important stuff inside will remain safe from water damage.


The need to describe for what purpose and who you are buying the bag. Suppose, a camping bag needs to be spacious compared to a laptop bag. Also, avoid buying oversized backpacks for your children.


Reviews of Top 5 Best Backpack for Neck Pain

Here we have got what you are here for. The reviews of the five top-notch backpack for neck pain, shoulder, and neck pain.

1.Osprey Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack

Key Features:

  • Has compression straps to support the back
  • Shoulder straps are padded
  • Has a mass volume of 55L
  • Has separate compartments for laptops

The first backpack on our list is the Osprey Farpoint 55, perfect for long-distance traveling. The padded shoulder straps do not let your shoulder suffer due to the weight of the bag. There is a back panel for securing the bag to prevent load on the back. Moreover, there is a hip belt too to lower the pressure on the hip area or lower back.

The bag is very spacious, though looks sleek. The back is well ventilated to prevent sweaty back on long journeys. It has safety pockets for your shades, and a separate laptop panel so that the device is safe from other stuff inside. So, undoubtedly, this will be a great choice for the best travel backpack with back support.


  • Is comfortable to carry in long-distance
  • Is very roomy
  • Has ample back support
  • There is even weight distribution
  • Has ventilation at the back


  • Cannot carry a laptop that is more than 15 inches


2.Laptop Backpack Tigernu Business Computer Backpacks

Key Features:

  • Has 9 separate zippered pockets inside
  • Comes in 5 different colors and style
  • Made from durable nylon
  • Has back supporting belt

The second in our list for the best backpack for back pain is from Tigernu. It is one of the multi-functional backpacks, and most liked by the new generation. Its thoughtful ergonomic design is the main component of its functions. The substantially padded shoulder strap provides ample comfort while you carry this loaded bag for a long time.

Not only a reliever for your shoulder but your back too. There is a belt to snuggle the bag with your back to release pressure on the back. It has separate compartments for everything which further distributes the weight evenly.

Apart from that, you will enjoy anti-theft, waterproof, and anti-scratch properties in this backpack! There is also a USB charging port to charge your device anytime. What a seal the deal bag it is!


  • Has anti-tear, and anti-scratch properties
  • Is waterproof
  • Straps are generously padded
  • Is very organized from inside


  • The USB charging port is not reliable.


3.Incase ICON Laptop Backpack

Key Features:

  • Has an ergonomic design with padding and a belt
  • Made separate compartments
  • Made with nylon
  • Has a secured laptop/ Macbook compartment

For all the college-goers, we have the perfect bag for you here to relieve you from back pain. You can organize your books, laptops, and other necessities in it. This backpack has ample space with separate pockets for stuff. This spreads the weight evenly in all parts of the bag. You don’t have to suffer for a single side is a heavy load.

The padded shoulder straps enable the most comfortable backpack carrying. Also, there is an adjustable back strap with which you can support your back and prevent it from heavyweight. In case you know how important your device is for your college. That is why the laptop compartment is padded and zip locked. You can enjoy portable audio too with its cable port.

As far as durability is concerned, it’s made of robust nylon to prevent any tear and outdoor harshness for longer usage.


  • Is very well made
  • Made to support the shoulder, neck, and back
  • Has an integrated cable port
  • Comes at a comparatively lower price


  • Not suitable for traveling purpose


4.JanSport Agave Backpack

Key Features:

  • Has loft pockets
  • Has padded straps and back belts
  • There is a 15 inches tricot
  • Has laptop pocket

We have got a reliable backpack for all sportspersons too in our list of the best backpack for back pain. This Jansport Agave backpack will give a sporty vibe along with the needed back, neck, and shoulder support. It has everything to give comfort and prevent pain. There are padded shoulder straps to prevent the weight from falling on the shoulder. The back strap and hip strap are there to provide a snuggle and keep all the weight away from your back.

It is quite reliable to carry in every condition with its durable structure. The mesh and ventilated back area lets your back breathe. There are quick-access pockets and water bottle pockets too. There is a separate and safe laptop pocket. Moreover, the bag itself is quite roomy. This is the ultimate sporty backpack to enhance everyone’s personality.


  • Made durably and sustainably
  • Is very spacious
  • Perfect for sports, gym, or light traveling
  • Is comfortable to carry for long
  • Extremely affordable


  • Does not have a waterproof feature


5.Thule TCBP-417 Crossover 32 L Backpack

Key Features:

  • Made from durable mesh
  • Has EVA on the shoulder strap
  • There is a backstrap
  • Has a safe compartment for fragile items
  • Comfortable to carry

The fifth one on our list for the best backpack for shoulder pain is the Thule Crossover backpack. It might look like a regular sport or gym bag, but it has more features to offer. It has its shoulder straps padded with EVA for comfort and support. Moreover, there is a back strap that you can tie to reduce the load off your back.

There are crush-proof safe zones keeping fragile things. Thus, you can travel with them carrying in this bag without any fear. There are separate compartments to evenly distribute the weight of the items. You can carry your laptop too in the 15 inches water-resistant fabric pocket.

The bag itself is lightweight but is made of durable mesh fabric overall. This provides ultimate durability and breathability at the same time. The zippers are also well made to last without breaking for the longest time. It is one of the reliable, go-to best backpack for your back and shoulder pain prevention.


  • Made to last long
  • Keeps everything organized inside
  • Supports the backs
  • Is well ventilated


  • Not very spacious inside



To briefly tell you about the FAQ section, here we are going to answer most asked questions about backpacks for neck pain. You may also find your answer related to this here.

Q1.Which is the best backpack for traveling?

A.Depending on how much clothing and other bulky items, you want to carry. Almost every backpack we have shown is pretty much great for traveling. For light travel, the Thule one is a great option, for heavy travel Osprey is a better option as it is spacious.

Q2.Can a school-goer use any of the back support bags shown above?

A.Make sure you buy them their size. If a child carries an oversized bag, it is going to be troublesome for them anyway. There are also school backpacks with back support in the market from which you can choose for your child.

Q3.Are these backpacks better than tote bags?

A.Yes, backpacks are a way better option than tote bags. The weight distribution with backpacks is equal all over the shoulder, neck, and back. Hence, allowing the abdominal muscles to support the weight equally. So, always go for a backpack.

Q4.Do we have to compromise on style to get that benefit?

A.You won’t always have to give up on your choice for getting a backpack that helps you with your pain issue. However, you should also not be a slave of fashion when things come to your health. What if you get a lifetime injury from your most fashionable backpack? There will be nothing left but regret.

Q5.How can we avoid load on the neck and shoulder?

A. Always initiate with the heaviest items at the bottom of the backpack. In this way, when you carry the backpack, the heavy item weights are far away from your shoulder and neck.

Q6.Why do you get shoulder, neck, or back pain by using a backpack?

A.People who travel frequently and carry a heavyweight is the core sufferer of back pain. Also, using an inaccurate back may cause a long-time backpack. Moreover, a poor quality shoulder strap of a backpack is another reason for unwilling back pain.



Hence, we are at the bottom of our article for the best backpack for neck pain. And, you are now very close to selecting one for yourself. Even if you don’t have neck pain, it’s important to have a precaution before you gradually end up with lifelong pain. After reading our article, we hope you’ve injected some ideas on how and what to choose.

We guarantee you, each of the 5 backpacks is comfortable, classy, and built for going through thick and thin. We have also provided words on buying guides for the best backpacks for back pain, neck, and shoulder pain. Any of these purchases won’t go in vain.

If you are a traveler, hiker, or camper then you must specifically give attention to this article. Because you won’t want to suffer for life on these pains. Your health and safety are in your hands, so buy one!

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