8 Best North Face Backpack 2021: An Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Buying a North Face backpack is not so easy. There are many models on the market with different features and prices. So, it is really too difficult to choose any one among them.

For this reason, we decided to write this article, where we will show you the eight best North Face backpacks to buy in 2021

We have captured a certain brand in our backpack, which is committed to giving you everything you need. These are the North Face backpacks in the market to hold your back. Hence we are going to review a couple of the best North Face backpacks in this article. Read the entire article thoroughly before you step ahead and buy one.

Let’s see them together!

Comparison Table of the Best North Face Backpack 2021

The North Face is one of the top-selling manufacturers that provide different types of traveling tools and campaign accessories. Tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks are the best-selling products for years. The backpacks of the North Face are exclusive products that provide varieties of features to the users.

The people, who travel and love to climb into the mountain frequently, must need a North Face backpack. These backpacks are so useful to carry heavy weights without hampering your back, neck, or shoulder.

Now, we will show you the Best North Face Backpack to give you a proper guide to buy the right backpack for you. In this comparison table, you will be capable of knowing the construction materials, durability, design, capacity, price, and other features of the North Face backpacks.


Top 8 Best North Face Backpack Reviews

Below you are going to come across 8 amazing and top-quality North Face backpack reviews. You will get to choose your desired travel north face backpack after reading this article.

1.The North Face Jester Backpack

Key Feature:

  • Made with polyester
  • Has separate compartments for even weight distribution
  • Has back strap
  • Consists of 360 degrees of reflectivity
  • Has zipper closure

If you are looking for the best north face backpack for college, then we have got one in our top line. It is one of the chique-looking, comfortable and useful north face jester backpacks for all the students out there. You may find it more costly than a regular backpack, but once you know about its functions, you won’t question its price anymore!

Firstly, the most important part of this backpack for a student will be its laptop compartment. That compartment is highly secured with a zipper to prevent falling, and padding for preventing bumps. Also, there are separate large compartments to carry books and holding pens. The material of this backpack is pure polyester for greater durability and water repellency.

Moreover, there is a frontal elastic bungee compartment where you can store or tie products for easy access. You can carry a water bottle in the side pockets. There is a back strap for providing comfort while carrying a heavily loaded bag. Also, the back panel and shoulder strap are generously padded for ventilation and comfort.


  • Has durable and waterproof construction
  • Has a separate book, laptop, and pen slots
  • Comfortable and supportive to carry
  • Has a strong zipper closure
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Has back strap
  • Consists of 360 degrees of reflectivity


  • Costly in terms of other, regular college backpacks

Q: Is this backpack suitable for traveling?
A: It can be used for lighter traveling due to its compact size. Mainly it is a perfect backpack for school and college carrying.
Q: Is this worth the price?
A: Of course, while you will have to purchase a regular backpack every year or every 6 months, this backpack will last for years. Plus, you will find peace using this with so many useful features and organizing ability.


2.The North Face Terra 65

Key features:

  • Has 65 liters of weight-bearing capacity
  • Has OPTFIT harness system
  • Consists of padded and meshed shoulder straps and a back panel
  • Has more than 7 pockets and other side pockets
  • Made of nylon and polyester

One of the best creations of North Face is the Terra 65 travel backpack, and you will know why. This North Face backpack is made comfortable for those travel lovers and made with such a user-friendly design. Plus, it has the perfect structure to withstand all the exterior harshness. You won’t regret having this backpack, and your

Let’s start with its comfortability. There are multiple pockets and chains in the bag which help in even weight distribution and prevent the load from falling on one side. You can divide upload up to 65 liters in the pockets and enjoy strain-free limbs. Moreover, the shoulder straps’ fully padded and ventilated back panel provides painless longtime carrying and breathability.

Moreover, there are OPTFIT hip and backs harnesses that make the bag fit your body for better weight control. This backpack is made of 600D polyester material mixed with 420D ripstop nylon. So, you can already think of its durability! Nothing can make it wear and tear. This mixture of materials also makes the backpack fully waterproof. So, do not hesitate to buy it.


  • Provides superior comfort and support
  • Made durably and waterproof
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Is very spacious
  • Is well ventilated


  • Too big backpack for petite people

Q: Is this bag abrasion-proof?
A: Yes, the 420D ripstop nylon ensures a non-abrasive, rip-proof, and strong structure for the entire backpack.
Q: How many pockets do this backpack have?
A: This backpack has 7 vertically designed pockets on the outside. These pockets allow the inner compartment to reach.


3.The North Face Vault Backpack


Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Comes in more than 20 color shades
  • Has the flex vent suspension system
  • There is an internal volume of 26.5 liters
  • Has back sternum strap

The 3rd North Face backpack comes to the vault with more than 20 color choices for your mood. It is a highly compatible backpack for daily use, such as office, school, or short travel. Above all, this bag is made with so useful detail that will make you want it now. Plus, the amazing price range is commendable at this high quality.

This backpack provides proper padded comfort and ventilation with its flex vent suspension system. This technology is used to provide a shoulder, back, and lumbar support with generous amounts of mesh padding and a flexible shoulder strap. In addition, this North Face Vault Backpack is unisex, so the shoulder strap can be broadened for men. The mesh provides airflow to the body for sweat-free carrying.

The design is pretty organizing in this vault backpack with so many pockets and interior compartments included. Also, you can neatly place your accessories without losing them. Moreover, there is a separately secure sleeve for the laptop, side pockets for water bottles, and easy-access pockets for minor electronics organizations. It has a moderately huge volume of 26.5 liters for everyday short-term traveling.


  • Made for long term usage with durability
  • Has a nice organized design with lots of pockets
  • Provides ultimate comfort with ventilation
  • Provides support with sternum strap
  • Has an affordable price


  • Not for long travel time, as it’s not much spacious

Q:Is this backpack great for hiking?
A:It can be a great choice of a backpack for hiking, only if you are going for 1/ 2 days that too in summer. Because it cannot fit in bulky winter clothes!
Q:Is this backpack waterproof?
A:No, this backpack doesn’t claim to be waterproof. Moreover, nylon itself cannot repel water.


4.The North Face Women’s Recon TNF Black One Size


Key Features:

  • Has 30 liters of volume inside
  • Has multiple organizing pockets
  • Constructed with flex vent technology
  • Has adjustable lumbar support and whistle buckle straps
  • Has separate laptop sleeve

The 4th North Face backpack in our list is made thinking about women’s tender anatomy. This backpack is perfect for women in terms of weight, usability, and comfort. For a few days of traveling, this backpack can serve your needs very well!

Talking about comfort, this backpack is made compact and lightweight, which does not carry extra weight for being too bulky. The 30-liter packing capacity is perfect for the necessities of a few days. This woman can carry this 30-liter backpack easily. Moreover, its Flex vent technology shoulder straps and back panel offers greater support and comfort while carrying the loaded backpack. It offers great ventilation during summertime too.

It has multiple organizing pockets where you can put the belongings to distribute the weight evenly. Moreover, North Face knows all the ladies like organizing, so they put individual pockets, inside and outside to stash in everything. Also, there is a front stretchy pocket for quick access to things. The sternum straps provide a snug fit of the bag with the body.


  • Comfortable to carry by women
  • Provides extreme body support
  • Offers breathability
  • Has organizing pockets
  • Can carry a laptop safely


  • It’s not waterproof which means you have to carry a separate raincoat to protect it from rain.

Q:Will this cause shoulder strain for carrying long?
A:This North Face backpack has a yoke and customized injected shoulder straps that help to keep the weight away from the shoulder. Thus, you don’t get strains due to long-term carrying.
Q:What dimension laptop can be carried in this backpack?
A:It is a north face laptop backpack of 15 inches with a safe pocket sleeve. The compartment is padded too, to protect your laptop.


5.The North Face Pivoter School Laptop Backpack

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% polyester material
  • Has sternum back strap
  • Comes in 15 different colors
  • Has Flex vent suspension technology
  • Has an internal volume of 27.7 liters

Made to suit every avid user’s color taste, this North Face pivoter school laptop backpack comes in more than 15 colors. This is the most perfect back-to-school backpack anyone would ever want. It looks like a regular one but is way more functional than them with all the modern-day features.

This backpack too has the superior Flex Vent suspension system for comfort and support. Additionally, it makes the backpack padded and breathable, and the customized injection-molded shoulder straps and mesh back panel complements it. You won’t feel the weight stressing your shoulder and back.

Moreover, the adjustable back strap helps to fit in the backpack with the body. When your bag is fully loaded, tying this belt will save your neck from the weight. You can carry your 15 inches laptop safely inside the padded laptop sleeve. Additionally, this backpack has an ergonomic D-door opening that helps to easily access the main compartment without a mess. There are additional exterior pockets too, for carrying water bottles and other necessities.


  • Made from lightweight, waterproof, and durable fabric
  • Made ergonomically with D-door opening
  • Provides comfort and support with belts
  • Has proper ventilation
  • Has separate protective laptop compartment


  • Not made for traveling for longtime

Q:Is it the best north face backpack for school?
A:This is definitely one of the best backpacks for school with additional features. You will find comfort while carrying it.
Q:Is this a waterproof backpack?
A:This is a water repellent backpack made with 300D heathered polyester material. The material has a waterproof finish on the top layer.


6.The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack

Key Features:

  • Holds 28-liter necessities inside
  • Made of nylon and polyester
  • Has the flex vent suspension system
  • Has sternum back strap
  • The shoulder strap is 15 inches

The 6th masterpiece from North Face is the women’s Borealis backpack. This backpack also has greatly emphasized comfort and support on the woman’s body while traveling. It is one of the best north face Borealis backpacks must buy if you are planning for a day or two outings.

Moreover, it has an overall 28 liters volume inside with additional pockets outside. So, you can neatly organize your belongings to distribute the weight along with the bag. The pockets are easy to access and you can carry water bottles and petty electronics too. Moreover, there is a separately padded computer compartment inside to protect your device from bumps. The shoulder strap is 15 inches which provides accurate posture to the shoulder while carrying the bag.

In addition, there is a flex vent suspension system that is followed by the backpack’s superior meshed construction at the back and shoulder straps. You can carry it for long in the hot summer days with ease. Also, the sternum strap at the back aids in carrying the loaded back effortlessly. For durability, it’s made with nylon and polyester mixed, and strong zipper closure.


  • Very durably made for long term usage
  • Provides comfort and support to the back and shoulder
  • Has separate pockets
  • Has a safe laptop compartment
  • Lightweight to carry


  • Not waterproof

Q:Are 15 inches of shoulder drop enough?
A:For a woman with moderate shoulder-length, 15 inches shoulder drop is more than enough. But if her shoulder is wide, then it might be troublesome to fit in.
Q:How many colors does this backpack come in?
A.This north face Borealis classic backpack comes in a single shade, which is black. We guess black is everyone’s favorite!


7.The North Face Women’s Borealis Laptop School Backpack

Key Features:

  • Has to flex vent injection-molded shoulder straps
  • Interior volume is 25 liters
  • Has adjustable hip belt
  • The back panel has foam stitching
  • Has multiple pockets outside

For all the women travelers, hikers, or adventurers, we have got your perfect partner here. This North face women’s Borealis laptop school backpack is what you would love to have as your travel partner. Plus, it has all the durability, and support that any other similar bag in the market will have combined. Therefore, before looking into its price, look at the splendid features of this backpack.

Also, it has the perfect shouldering for women accompanied by the flex vent injection-molded shoulder straps. In addition, this enhances the comfort of where you can carry the backpack without having shoulder strain. Plus, the shoulder feels supported and free from all the weight of the bag. Moreover, for the back, there is foam stitching, PE sheet, and spine channel that tends to provide extra coverage for the back against the weight.

There is an adjustable hip belt that you can tie to fit the bag with your body. This repels the weight to strain your shoulder and neck when carried for a long time. Lightweight material with 25L of volume makes up this backpack that is absolutely carriable by women.


  • Extremely lightweight and comforting to carry
  • Has foamed back support
  • Is spacious enough for short travels or adventures
  • Pockets help in an even weight distribution


  • Is quite pricey compared to the size

Q:Is this backpack lightweight to carry?
A:It is very lightweight being made from such material. On top of that, it weighs only 2.59 pounds.
Q:Is this backpack great for school?
A.Yes, the name suggests all. You can take it to school too, as there is also a separate laptop compartment to protectively carry your device.


8.The North Face Women’s Electra Commuter Backpack

Key Features:

  • Made with 300D polyester which is non-PFC
  • Has minimal compartments and pockets
  • Internal volume is 11 liters
  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • Has a hideaway sternum strap

Last but not least, 8th place in the order holds the women’s Electra commuter backpack from the north face. This is such a grab and goes backpack liked by most women for daily commuting. Also, there is no much hassle, and does not contain confusing compartments. Just put in your essentials, and take them out with easy access without having to search for them in every compartment.

It is a low-profile backpack, easy to carry and organize. Also, there are 11 liters of minimal compartments for keeping a laptop, sunglasses, and other necessities. Plus, you get easy access with its durable and smooth zipper. The shoulder strap and back panel have a top layer of soft mesh, which provides ventilation and comfort.

This backpack comes in five amazing colors. And is made of 300D heathered polyester material that provides long term durability. Plus, the material is non-PFC that makes it waterproof. Moreover, the hideaway sternum back strap provides extra support with the load. This is a must-have backpack that cannot be missed!


  • Low-profile, lightweight backpack
  • Made durably and is waterproof
  • Well ventilated and has excellent support
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent for daily commuting


  • Not for long-distance traveling

Q:Does this backpack have extra storage?
A.Yes, there are stretchy mesh pockets at the front, secure-zip side pockets, and lash points. You can use them for extra space.
Q:Is this backpack perfect for school?
A.As this is only 11 liters, this won’t fit in a lot of books as the school requires. It will fit in a couple of books and a laptop, which is for high-school or college students.


Things to look for in the best North face backpack 2021

The North face is such a backpack brand which is trusted for years. Whenever someone thinks of a bag, the first name that comes to mind is ‘North Face.’ And the north face is proud of their creation. Therefore, some of the main features that all North Face backpack carriers are:

Durable Material:

One of the main reasons why North Face backpacks are a bit more costly than regular backpacks is their material. The material they use is intended to overcome ten regular backpacks’ life. Whether it is nylon, Cordura, or polyester, the north face uses high-grade material to ensure longevity. You will be surprised to know their backpacks will be your one-time investment!

The backpacks are abrasion-proof and weatherproof to some extent. Then it’s longevity is extended when you take proper care of it. Therefore, make sure you take care of it properly while traveling. And, try to keep it as safe as possible, even though it is weatherproof.

Flex Vent Technology:

By now, you have already got an idea that all the north face backpacks have this feature in common. North Face has added this feature in such a way that shows your backpack is taking care of you. Plus, the flex vent suspension system is one of the iconic specifications for which people adore north face backpacks.

Moreover, this feature makes carrying the loaded baggage easy on your body. The feature includes injection-molded shoulder straps that are composed of a pad generously. The padding takes on all the weight without pressurizing your shoulder. Plus, there are also meshed back panels and lumbar that offer ventilation and comfort.

Multiple Pockets:

Everyone likes to stay organized. And, when it comes to a backpack, multiple pocket systems help you with the organization. Also, you will find this feature of the north face very helpful. Firstly, it will keep your belongings in places and you can track them later and easily find them.

Secondly, they stay safe in their places without getting damaged. Lastly, this separation of belongings aids in an even weight distribution along with the backpack.

Fleeced Compartments for Laptop:

While you commute, you would want your precious device to stay safe and sound. Only the north face can give you a safe and secure fleeced compartment for your laptop. Once you keep the laptop there, then nothing can get it bumped or make it fall. Just put, zip the compartment up and travel. Hence, you feel tension-free throughout the traveling.

Support Harness:

Another great feature of north face backpacks is that they all have a supporting harness/ belt behind. Now, who wants a strained back, right? The harness/ belt helps to hug your body with the bag. In this way, you cannot feel the load falling on your body. Moreover, the harness comes as a great help when you have to walk along with a heavy backpack.

If your harness is hideaway, then it away in the back while not in use.

Thinks about Women:

Since men’s and women’s anatomy is different, the north face brings a separate backpack range keeping this in mind. Not every brand has this generosity. Depending on the shoulder size, hip size, and curve, the women’s backpacks of the north face are totally hit. Without compromising any quality, this amazing brand has been successful to include women’s specified features in their backpacks.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:

If you have ever used a North face backpack, then you would know how its material requires less cleaning. Because North face believes, the less cleaning is done, the longer a backpack will last. The material they use in their backpack, are mostly water repellent. Some might differ from others in terms of waterproof technology. Therefore, their construction makes them easy to wash and maintain.


Some Important FAQs:

Here are some important questions about the best north face backpack that you must know. If you have made up your mind to buying a north face backpack, reading this questionnaire section will help you out further.

Q1.Why are north face backpacks different?

A: The north face is different because they think about every customer. They have special bags for women only, men only, and unisex. Therefore, this tells us how this brand emphasizes comfort and support for individuals.

Q2.How can I wash my north face Borealis woman’s backpack?

A: You can wash your backpacks with detergent and cold water if they are made with nylon or polyester. Since the backpacks are framed, it is better not to machine wash them. Also, you MUST NOT use bleach or chlorine to wash them.

Q3.Can the broken zipper of north face backpacks be fixed?

A: You can get the broken zipper fixed if you contact the customer service from where you have purchased the backpack.

Q4.Can I return my north face backpack if I am not satisfied with it?

A: The 60-day return policy of North face allows that privilege to their customers. So, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the backpack, or find any major defect, then contact the seller within 60 days of receiving the bag. However, you should not compare the return policy with the warranty. You can ask for a change only or return it totally within 60 days.

Q5.What is the best North Face backpack for hiking?

A: Depending on your hiking days, all the backpacks are suitable for hiking. If you are a heavy hiker, then buy the 30 liters volume backpacks. Or, for a light hiker, backpacks below 25 liters volume is enough.

Q6.Why do you choose a North Face backpack?

A.The North Face backpacks are specially constructed for mountain riders. So, the product is made with strong and durable materials to carry heavyweights. Moreover, these bags are available with an affordable budget too.



At last, the article for the best north face backpack ends here! We know it was a long one, but we have made sure to include every single important information about the topic. We hope, reading it was worth your time and you have come to the conclusion of what you want for yourself.

All 8 of them are must-haves in your backpack collection! If you are an avid traveler or any type of user, then no other backpack can satisfy you if once you try a north face backpack. Once you will start enjoying the full-fledged features of the north face, then there will be no returning. So what are you waiting for? Just buy one of the best backpacks of the century.

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