High Sierra Appalachian 75 Hiking Backpack Review 2021

Heading for holiday and in search of the perfect pack for all your precious possessions that you can’t leave behind? The High Sierra Appalachian 75 is the ideal choice that delivers a 75-liter compartment for storing all you need to move with. At just 5 .8 pounds, the Appalachian 75 meets all the standard requirements of the pack back. Looking to spend a day in the peaks or a whole week in the woods, the pack will still serve you perfectly.

There are tons of small extras which makes it easy for you to store any small items that might be with you. There is another compartment at the bottom for sleeping with the divider making everything with this bag amazing. Several features of the bag make it an ideal choice for many. There are several reviews online where people have shared their experiences and testimonies. They have positively reviewed it and recommended it to others who want to enjoy easy travel with their luggage. Personally, I can rate it 5 stars considering its quality and the kind of service it gives users.


Features of High sierra Appalachian 75

75-Liter Compartment: 

There is a 75-liter top-load compartment that allows users to store tons of items they want to travel with. The compartments have a gusseted drawstring that can be closed. The lid at the top can also be adjusted to accommodate items depending on the amount stored.

Contoured Aluminum Bars: 

The aluminum bars cab be adjusted depending on the shape of one’s back. This simply means anybody can carry the bag without difficulty making it very versatile.

Drop Bottom: 

There is a drop bottom that is basically used for sleeping on. This is a compartment at the bottom of the bag which is divided in a way that users can use it to sleep on whenever traveling in places like woods or when just camping outside.

Soft Slashing Hardware: 

Going hiking and you cannot get a good place to store your hiking poles. This bag has soft slashing hardware where one can store their hiking poles and ice ax.

Mesh Pockets: 

There are several small mesh pockets that are used to hold water bottles. One can hold up to 1000 milliliters of water bottles with easy and solve any water problems while traveling.

Rain Cover: 

All the items in the bag are well protected against rain just in case you get rained on. There I a rain cover that is usually stored at the bottom pocket and only removed whenever there is rain.

Internal hydration Reservoir: 

There is an internal reservoir that can accommodate any leaked water to prevent the soaking of your items. There are exit tubes from the reservoir sleeve that is used to direct any water out.

Compression Straps:

These straps are located at the bottom and side of the bag. They are basically used to tighten the bag to one’s body so that the bag stay firm as one move.

There are more several features that make this Appalachian 75 pack a great product. We have featured the main ones but users will experience more features that make the bag convenient to use and store your items.

The High sierra Appalachian 75 is an ideal choice and can help you store your travel items nicely and safely as you look to tour the world.



The capacity of the bag is 4580 cubic inches. It measures 34 by 24.25 by 10.25 inches

Pros & Cons


  • The bag is all you could want with several amazing features. It is very versatile can have multiple uses making it ideal for outdoor events that take weeks.
  • It stores lots of items that one can imagine and still appears small enough on your back. The design and shape of the bag are all aimed at carrying as many items as possible but still remain very small.
  • There is a rain cover that ensures your items remain safe just in case the rains come.
  • There several small pockets that give users limitless space to store as many items as possible.


  • The shoulder straps can loosen sometimes if not tightened properly. But this can be solved by making it tighter or having somebody to help you tighten them. The size and placement of the zippers sometimes create difficulty when zipping the bag. This is common whenever you pack it excessively. But with the exact amount of items, the zips can be closed correctly.


For those in the market in search of the ideal bag for travel, the High Sierra Appalachian 75 is an ideal choice and can help you store your travel items nicely and safely as you look to tour the world. New buyers can go ahead and buy with confidence knowing they have bought a product that will serve them for years giving them real value for their money.

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