How to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack: A Simple Guide for All

Agree it, every person on this planet has faced such a problem- a broken zipper on the backpack! Now, the problem is not inevitable, but there is at least a solution. A zipper won’t break at a specific time or place, so you have to be ready to deal with the situation.

This might not sound like a very substantial problem but think about those who have gone on long-distance travel. Therefore, one must have the information on the ways on how to fix a zipper on a backpack?. By chance, if you fall into such trouble, then you can quickly give it a fix!


How to fix a zipper on a backpack: Step by Step Guide

Fortunately, you only need one tool to fix a zipper, which is a PLIER. Always have it in your emergency kit if you are traveling, or hiking a long distance.

Step 1: Find out the problem of zipper breaking

If you want to save your time by not repeating the process, then first find out the problem. Inspecting first provides you knowledge on how to begin or where the problem lies. If you blindly do something, then you have to go again and again with it.

The first inspected problem is whether both or a single slider edge has clamped open or not. So have a closure look at the edges because both of them can be confusing to track. The next thing to track is whether the zipper or bent teeth fell. Now, you can carry on with the fixing.

Step 2: Use the plier to fix the slider

If your backpack’s slider is made of plastic, then you can unbend it with your fingers very easily. Usually, plastic sliders bend for pulling the zipper too harshly. But, in the case of metal sliders, use the plier to unbend.

To start with, you first open the sliders till the end which will unstitch the area and give you space to work. When you are working on this, be careful about the pliers. Beginners might end up pinching their fingers if they are not careful

Step 3: Rearrange the slider

For this step, you can take the help of a fork for ease! You need to put the tracks back on the slider one by one. You should always start off from the closed side of the backpack, as this provides more access. The secure the slider on a thong, then continue the process with a fork.

After putting it on, make sure the tracks are in their exact place and in proper alignment. It should be remembered that, if they are away from the tracks, the process should be started from the beginning.

Step 4: Secure the sliders

Now comes the final step which is securing your sliders after placing them. You can apply a mild pinch for them here. But you should never give hard pinches, this might break those tiny teeth. So, another problem will arise. After securing, slide your chain along with the slider, and it should perfectly work now.


Extra tips to make the zipper work again:

Here are a few extra tips which you can have an idea about. It is not necessary that your zipper always has to break, sometimes its functioning can deteriorate for long term use. So, keep these things in mind:

Lubricate the slider:

Your zipper is also a kind of machine which needs a smooth surface to run better. Therefore, sometimes you might find your zipper accelerating so much, which clearly means it has lost its lubrication. In this case, use wax, petroleum jelly, or anything near you as a lubricator and apply it to the slider.

You must not overuse lubrication, and also make sure it does not stain your backpack.

Don’t Use Your Teeth:

Your teeth are not a tool like a plier, so if you don’t have a plier nearby look for other options. You will severely harm your teeth if the tracks are of metal, or will destroy the shape of plastic tracks with excessive pressure. Hence, you will be causing more harm than doing good for your zipper.

Don’t be too harsh on your zipper:

We know everyone suffers from some kind of frustration in life. But that does not mean you will show that on your zipper. Just leave it like that and handle it gently and smoothly.


What is the main cause of zippers getting ripped?

The main cause for zippers coming off is over packing your bag. You might have noticed it, while the bag is loaded beyond its limit, and you try to open it, the first pressure that goes is to the zipper. So, if you want your zipper to sustain for long, you should never overcrowd your backpack.


Final Verdict

Now that you know how to fix a zipper on a backpack?, then take out the backpack that you have dumped due to a broken zipper. And, fix it by yourself. We hope you have found this piece of article on zipper repair for backpacks helpful. This is common for every backpack’s zipper.

Before you start, make sure you inspect the problem first and stay cautious with pliers. With a very patient mind and ease, you can fix a broken zipper by yourself. There will be no money-wasting to get it fixed. Therefore, enjoy your favorite backpack once again!

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