How to Pack Clothes in a Backpack: An Art which Must Know!

You read it right, packing clothes and other necessities in a backpack is an art itself! Not everyone can do it. One needs to have the technical organizing capability for that. Do not worry if you lack that skill, because we are going to teach you the right way of how to pack clothes in a backpack.

No matter where you are heading to, whether for a long vacation, night out at a friend’s house, or for an adventure, packing the backpack in the right way is important. It helps to save you some space for adjusting more things. And also, helps to save you time finding your belongings all lying around in a mess inside the backpack.


Simple steps to know how to pack clothes in a backpack

So, if you are someone who is yet to know the right way of packing a backpack, then waste no time and dig into this article.

Step 1:

Fold your clothes:

The best way to fold clothes is to roll them out. It is a military system to pack the bag, where they utilize the smallest of backpacks in the most effective way.

We will know a few common clothing items folding and packing to help you utilize your backpack too.

Folding T-shirts:

One of the common clothing for every traveler, because it can be rolled up very small and takes less space. Folding t-shirts might not seem a great deal. But you should know how to stock it up by rolling it.

To start with, first lay the T flat and invert around 6 inches from the sleeve to the shirt. Follow this from both sides. Make the inverted folding flat. Then starting from either end of the t-shirt, start rolling it until completely rolled up. This is the most compact form of your t-shirt you can ever fold.

Folding Shirts:

Folding shirts can be a bit tricky due to the involvement of the collar. Because you won’t want the collar to break. Anyways, start by locking the buttons and lay it flat. Fold the collar and cuffs in such a way that they don’t break while folding. Then fold the sleeves inwards to the shirt, and invert half of the shirt from each side.

Now, starting from the bottom end start rolling your shirt till the collar. Hence, you are done. Do you know you can stock up small items inside your shits pockets to save more space? We will know below.

Folding Pants:

There can be two types of pants to be folded, one is shorts and the other is full pants/ jeans. Since shorts lack length, so they may not end up rolling properly. You have to stiffly roll it. First, fold into half, and give a rigid roll to your shorts so that they don’t open up.

Now for jeans and long pants, fold them in half the same way. And, roll it till you reach the end.

Folding socks:

Take your pair of socks and put one into the other in a parallel way. Then roll up the socks simply and put them inside a shirt or pants pocket, from where you can find them conveniently. You can put the socks with the outfit you want to wear it with, so it will be much easier to find.

Step 2:

Assembling and storing the clothes

Now, if you are going to pack for a long trip, make sure your backpack has lots of compartments and pockets, so things can be easy to organize.

Packing cubes:

As the initial step, pack your clothes in packing cubes. Packing cubes come in different sizes in which you store your rolled out clothes. Not only your clothes will remain protected, but also you can find them in the right place. You can label the cubes according to what they carry inside.

Shoes storing:

Before storing shoes make sure they are clean and not smelly, Or else, the entire backpack will become stinky along with your other stuff. Therefore, put the shoes at the bottom before putting the cubes/ clothing.


Final Verdict

So now you know how to pack a backpack with clothes, so buckle up and start packing. We have shown you the right way of how to roll dresses for packing. If you follow our method, then don’t worry about them getting unorganized.

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