How to Wash a North Face Backpack? Cleaning Lesson 101

We know that you love your north face backpack very much. As the users travel hard with these backpacks, so they are bound to get dirty. Even though north face commits to make every feature helpful for you, but there is no such feature to make it dirt-proof. Even the black colored ones might get dirty after a few uses.

Now it probably needs cleaning to make it look afresh again. However, cleaning north face bags is not exactly similar to cleaning other backpacks. Now, you don’t wash your backpack every day, so whenever you do, make sure you do it right! Therefore, we are here to help you guide on how to wash a north face backpack?.


Cleaning Necessities You Need:

  • Gentle fabric detergent without bleach
  • A bowl full of water that can accommodate the backpack
  • Dusting brush
  • Cloth Towel

So, these were only a few things you needed to clean your north face backpack.


How to wash a north face backpack?: Step by Step

Step 1: Pre-washing preparation

Before you get into the washing process, you need to maintain additional steps. It will assure that you are working on the main point of cleaning!

Empty the Backpack:

The first preparation before cleaning you need is to completely empty the backpack. Being cautious is important, if there is paper in the bag, it will be all wasted. Or else, they might get damped by the water. Also, turning the bag upside down will ensure every dirt is out of it.

Dry Brush the Backpack:

Dry brushing helps with getting rid of the dust and grime collected on the backpack. Do this process both inside and outside the backpack. Doing this before washing makes the procedure easy, as damp dirt can be even harder to scrub off. You must do this with soft hands without being aggressive, or else the material might get affected.

Step 2: Clean with Wet Towel/ Wipes Only

After dusting, the next step will be cleaning the entire backpack with a wet towel. No washing product is necessary except for a damp towel. This will take out all the stain possibly there on the backpack. At first start with the interior, making sure every compartment is well wiped. It will help you to keep the inner side fully clean and tidy.

For the exterior, follow the same process with the damp towel. Clean in-between every small detail, mesh pockets, straps, etc. Usually, most people stop here and leave the backpack for drying. But if you think your backpack requires some extra cleaning, then proceed further for more!

Step 3: Washing the Backpack

In this process, you need the bowl full of water and detergent. Make sure you use cold or lukewarm water to keep the color of your backpack intact. When there is a stubborn stain, soaking in lukewarm water helps to soften it up and get it off. If you are washing the backpack to get rid of the sweaty smell, then soak in cold water.

Anyways, on the bucket put the necessary amount of non-bleach detergent. Then submerge your backpack inside and keep it soaked in for half an hour. Then you can use an old toothbrush to work on the spot and stains. Or simply use your hands gently to scrub the required part.

Make sure all the zippers of the bag are opened and the compartments and wide open before soaking the backpack. This will aid in a thorough washing.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry the Backpack

After getting your desired wash, rinse the backpack thoroughly off any detergent water. You should keep rinsing unless you don’t see traces of bubbles water on the backpack. Then, take it out for drying. The best way to dry the backpack is to hang them for drying and let them air dry naturally.

You should never use hot air dryers or artificial dryers for drying the backpack. Because they will damage the fabric and burn out its color. You can also put it under the ceiling fan. You must have patience with drying if your backpack is not waterproof. If it’s water repellent, then it won’t take much time.


Warning with Detergent:

You should never pour or rub detergent directly on the backpack. Always dilute it with water and try to keep its ratio low. There is no guarantee that your regular detergent is non-bleach, even if they claim to be. For safety, you can look up to special detergents made for nylon and polyester fabric, since the north face backpacks are made of such.

Also, you should only go for detergent cleaning only when it’s very necessary. Otherwise, the more you keep your backpack away from washing, the longer they will stay durable.


Is it Important to Keep a Backpack Clean?

As mentioned above, you should always look for ways how you can maintain your backpack without washing them. Washing frequently loosens their fabric and its strength. After a while, you wonder why your backpack does not serve the way it used to.

It is advisable to go for spot cleaning in time of necessity. If you feel your backpack is getting smelly after long use, then it is justified to wash it. Or else, heavy soaking in detergents does harm them in the long run.


Can the North Face Backpacks be Machine Washed?

Machine wash is very risky in terms of north face backpacks. Before cleaning we need to know that the backpacks are framed, and even they are manufactured with high-quality nylon or polyester. So, the machine’s aggressive washing method can destroy all the good things in the backpack. Therefore, machine wash should be avoided.

If you are in grave need of a machine wash, then set the machine at the lowest speed and temperature possible. Also, do not put the backpack in the dryer.


Final Verdict

So, this was it for our how to wash a north face backpack?. We will be really happy to know if you have known new things from this article and you can utilize them to clean your north face bag. If you keep our instructions in mind while cleaning, then your backpack will last for a very long time. Enjoy a clean backpack!

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