How to Wear a Backpack Properly: Tips to Fit a Backpack

There are many ways to carry and style a backpack. But, if you do not follow the proper way, you will suffer from many problems. Whether you carry a big bag or a smaller backpack, you should suffer from back problems if you don’t wear it properly.

Hence, today I will write a guide discussing how to wear a backpack. Here you will learn how to put on a backpack.


Things to consider before wearing a Backpack

Before we go down to find the perfect way to wear a backpack, we need to learn how to measure a backpack. There are many ways to measure backpack sizes, but commonly two main methods are used.


We measure dimensions based on the length, width, and depth of the backpack. The dimension plays a vital role since this will determine where the backpack will sit on your body.


The Volume is usually the storage capacity of a backpack. You can measure the volume of a backpack with a simple formula using the dimensions of the backpack. You can easily find the volume of a backpack in the description of a backpack.

When the backpack comes with many different pockets, the volume is measured a bit differently. Usually, the main compartment volume is combined with the volume of smaller pockets to give the final volume of the backpack.


Factors affecting to wear a backpack

There are a few factors that will affect the way you carry a backpack. While you look for how to fit a backpack, you need to keep these few factors in mind.

Position of the waist strap

The positioning of the backpack waist strap is essential because if your belt is too high, you will suffer from breathing difficulties. On the other hand, if it’s too low, your pelvis will feel very high pressure.

The correct position of your waist belt should be an inch above your iliac crest.

Torso Length

You do not want to pick a backpack for too long because you will have problems carrying it. You should measure your torso length correctly and select a backpack accordingly.

Your backpack should be around two inches from your shoulders and shouldn’t expand more than two inches above your hip. The width should also be the same as your torso.

The positioning of shoulder straps

Shoulder straps play a significant role while carrying a backpack. Make sure that your shoulder straps stay perfectly aligned with the upper back and shoulders.

Weight of the backpack

The weight of the backpack is important if you want to wear a backpack correctly. Generally, if you want to know how to wear a hiking backpack, you should carry a maximum of 20% of your total body weight.

If you are carrying a backpack for work, school, or a daypack for a single day hiking, then it is recommended to carry a maximum of 10% of your body weight.

It is best to avoid taking too much weight at the very beginning. You need to train your body slowly.


Things To avoid while carrying a backpack.

Down below, I will point out two things that you need to avoid to stop suffering from unwanted back pains.

The too low position of the backpack

Wearing a backpack low on your back presses the shoulders. This position may prompt the shoulder and lower back strain. You may find that you are doing this since you have been extricating the shoulder straps. Loosening the straps too much will make your backpack swing around and get low on your back.

Backpack on one shoulder

People often make the mistake of carrying a backpack on one shoulder, thinking it to be stylish. No matter how smart it looks, this puts an awful amount of pressure on your shoulder.

All the weight of the backpack gets distributed on a single shoulder instead of both. Eventually, due to this, you will suffer from a severe amount of shoulder pain.


How to Wear a Backpack: Step by Step Guide

The main question after selecting your backpack is how to put on a backpack. This guide is the same for hiking, trips, or day to day use like offices.

Step-1: At first, you need to balance the backpack; for that, keep your backpack straight on a high surface. After balancing the backpack, make sure that all the straps are loose, and now slide your arms slowly through the straps. After you are set with the backpack and shoulder straps, slowly stand up. While you stand up, keep your knees bent in a way that the weight gets transferred to your thighs. Now tighten the waist-band.

Step-2: As you slowly stand up, it is time to transfer weight onto your shoulders. You need to lift the waist-band in such a way that it is sitting at your hip bone, and you need to pull it very tightly.

Step-3: Now, you just need to pull the cords at the sides evenly and as the shoulder straps get tighten. You will start to feel more comfortable.

Final Step: You’re now done, but you just need to follow one simpler step to make it more comfortable. You need to pull the straps, which is behind the top of your shoulders. Doing this will bring the backpack closer to your head.

The Proper way to carry a Backpack for Schools

When it comes to properly wear a backpack, the same theory applies to all types of use. However, you should pay extra care and attention to kids that they are not carrying more than 10% of their total weight.

The backpack should have padded shoulder straps and should be wide. Make sure that the backpack sits 2 inches above the child’s waistline. Always keep the heaviest items closet to the back of the child.



If you do not carry a heavy backpack properly, you will suffer from severe neck and back problems. To avoid this, you need to know how to wear a backpack?. Hence I wrote this guide to give you a clear idea about how to wear a hiking backpack.

I have also talked about how to measure a backpack and where a backpack should sit on your back. So, do not forget to follow these rules while carrying a backpack.

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