The North Face Jester Backpack Review in 2021 by Experts

We want to tell you about a perfect backpack for those looking for a sturdy and durable accessory in this review.

The backpack that we suggest is none other than the Jester model of the well-known brand The North Face.

Before discussing this particular backpack, I would like to tell you in a few lines the background of this brand to show you how its name has built its well-deserved reputation over time.

The brand was born around the mid-60s in the North Beach area of ​​San Francisco by the Tompkins spouses.

Their primary purpose was to create sportswear that would prove to be around people who loved the mountains and their exploration.

The spouses themselves were real fans on the Topic; also, it had been their great passion for nature that pushed them to make a brand designed for the mountains. In addition to technical clothing, the brand also dealt with the sale of climbing equipment and accessories.

Regarding the reasons that led to the creation of The North Face empire, we recall the brand’s motto, namely: “Never Stop Exploring !” Words that still do not cease to fascinate athletes and others from all over the world

Mountain outdoor clothing was only the first step. Shortly after, the spouses expanded their field of action to other activities, such as skiing, and aimed toward producing accessories like backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents.

Through the years, the American brand also appears in the clothing of mountaineers, hikers, and, more generally, among all outdoor enthusiasts.

As we have seen over the years, the homonymous brand’s various backpacks also observed the light.

Some of them were designed only for specific sports and activities, which were oriented to a less limited context, which could easily be worn in a more “urban” context.

Indeed among the latter, we find the protagonist of this review: the Jester backpack.

Like the other reviews, we will evaluate specific criteria to test this backpack and justify, step by step, our final score, which is: 9.9 / 10.

We remind you of the five parameters we used to judge the Jester backpack of The North Face brand, specifically: design, materials, flexibility versatility and performance, strength and resistance, and finally, capacity.


The North Face Jester Backpack Review


Title on Amazon The North Face Jester, Unisex Adult Backpack
First name Jester
Color / Style various, Like Aviator Navy Light Heather/Tnf White
Brand Name The North Face
Description Backpack
Laptop compartment Yes, detachable, for notebooks up to 15 inches
Front elastic cords Yes
Capacity 28 Liters
Weight 740 grams,
Dimensions 18.13 x 11 x 8.25 inches
Side pockets Yes, two
Flex Vent suspension system Yes
Material 100% Polyester


We begin to describe its design starting from its front.

Here we find the featured and useful crossed elastically adjustable using a hard plastic clip.

Continuing, we observe a medium-sized pocket with zip closure. Within this, we meet multiple and functional to you.

That is four small open-type pockets, one of which is netted, a fifth large pocket with zip closure, and, finally, the sixth pocket with hook and loop closure.

The zippers of the backpack are of the “covered type,” therefore discreet. The latter, noticing little, in our view, enriches the beauty of the design.

Furthermore, in addition to improving the accessory’s aesthetics, these zips also seem relatively smooth and robust. Here, the comfortable zip pulls allow easy opening and closing of the different parts of the backpack.

In summary: zippers, discreet, beautiful, and functional.

Also, on the side, the backpack has two comfortable open pockets, which are netted and elastic, perfect for putting water bottles or an umbrella inside.

In the upper part, we find a comfortable padded handle with a netted side.

Continuing, we meet the second pocket through which you access the main compartment of the backpack.

Inside we discover an “open” compartment, padded and therefore perfect for safely inserting a laptop up to 15 ″.

A detail to note is how the P.C.’s edges inside this reinforced pocket never rest directly on the ground. This is thanks to the presence of a raised area that provides maximum protection to your device.

Proceeding, we observe two comfortable adjustable and padded shoulder straps. The latter is also characterized by two straps, so excellent for ensuring more generous support and adherence of the accessory to the back.

This particular backpack model also observes a rigid, padded, and robust backrest with some netted details. The latter are present to avoid excessive sweating between the back and backpack and ensure the materials’ proper transpiration.

Some known pains of this backpack can be represented by the lack of a reinforced bottom (As we have seen above, it does not endanger the integrity of your laptop), by the non-waterproofing of the materials (even if it resists quite well to rain) and by the lack of a stable base in case you would like to place it vertically on the ground.


This backpack is 100% in polyester. Material that makes it strong in the face of wear, but also of certain robustness.

Its weight is around 940 grams. The North Face backpack is approved by the American Chiropractic Association and is designed to reduce pressure on the shoulders and back, so you can comfortably carry a heavy load.

3.Versatility and Functionality

If we talk about qualities such as versatility and functionality, the Jester backpack has few equals.

It is a perfect backpack to accompany us in sports activities and others to speak, more urban activities. It is possible to see it both behind a hiker and behind those a student.

Besides, the presence of a sturdy breathable backrest, two comfortable padded shoulder straps equipped with a strap, and strong and well-made zippers make it a functional, comfortable, and undoubtedly long-lasting product.

4.Strength and Resistance

Reviving to what has been said, the backpack Jester from The North Face is strong and durable, thanks above all to the care of the details and construction materials.

Reliable and sliding zip, comfortable and firm shoulder straps, and high-quality materials guarantee the backpack their long life.


The Jester model has 28 liters, which means it has an average capacity compared to other brand models. For example, the Borealis model, which also appears among the brand’s bestsellers, is featured by a higher capacity, or 29 liters.

In our view, the Jester is perfect for those who need a large backpack but, at the same time, not too bulky. And you also know, the more space you have, the more you tend to fill.

Besides, in our opinion, if you do not have particular needs, the Jester already has an excellent capacity to make it versatile and ideal for its everyday use.

North Face Jester has many advantages that should be considered, which make it an excellent option for all individuals looking for a medium-size backpack.



Some of its outstanding features include:

  • Ultra-resistant outdoor backpack in 600D recycled polyester and 300D mélange polyester
  • Water-repellent finishes
  • Padded top handle
  • The front compartment arranged with a zip closure.
  • Large Main compartment organized with double-slider zip
  • Padded compartment for laptop up to 15 “protects the laptop from impacts and falls (dimensions: 32.4 X 27.9cm)
  • The inside pocket can hold a tablet or laptop up to 13.”
  • Two sides mesh pockets for water bottles.
  • Sternal strap with snap buckle
  • Loop, tabs, reflective shoulder straps for more excellent safety on the bike
  • FlexVent ™ suspension system boasts ergonomic shoulder straps, padded mesh back panel with a spine channel.
  • Padded, breathable lumbar panel for optimal back support and ventilation
  • Ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable non-slip padding
  • The product tag could show the selling price.



Q1: Is it Large enough for College?

A: Yes, it truly is ideal for a College with a lot of room. There was a location to get a laptop—pockets to your supplies.

Q2: Is that machine washable?

A: I would not suggest washing it into a machine; spot cleaning or hand washing are the best choices for maintaining your backpack in its affliction.

Q3: Is your north face jester backpack watertight?

A: 600D polyester: This substance is regarded as a strong and water-resistant material. It absorbs and retains the colors better, which makes it fade-resistant.

Q4: Where to buy it and how much it costs?

A: You can buy the Jester backpack from The North Face brand on its official website and Amazon.

The price fluctuates according to the colors you have chosen. However, to give you an idea, it starts at about 50 dollars and goes up to 100 dollars.

Q5:Why buy a Jester backpack from The North Face brand?

A: According to our experience and as we have been able to show you in the course of this review, a backpack of this type is perfect for those looking for a high-quality accessory but above all, with a young and contemporary design.



Now below, we report our evaluation for each criterion taken into consideration.

We would like to open a small parenthesis on the known painful ones we mentioned above: those inherent to the non-reinforced bottom and the materials’ non-impermeability.



Now it’s time to take a look at the grades for each criterion considered:

  1. Design: 10
  2. Materials: 10
  3. Versatility and functionality: 10
  4. Resistance and robustness: 10
  5. Capacity: 9.5

As with all the other reviews, we remind you that this score comes from our evaluation of the Jester the North Face backpack.

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