Types of Backpacks: Tips on Choosing the Perfact Backpack

From little kids to grown-ups, everyone requires a backpack at various stages of life. Starting from going to school, college, and going for trips, adventures, and camping, there are different types of backpacks for specific needs. Thanks to the manufacturers who think about your needs for every need, and make special backpacks to serve you.

If you are someone who does not know the difference between multiple backpacks, and their use, then we have your back. We will tell you about A-Z how the design and type meet your various needs. It will be a worth reading article if you are struggling to find your desired one.


20 types of backpacks in the market: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will share about 20 different types of backpacks. We know it’s a huge variety, but you will find it resourceful.

1.Regular Backpack

The regular backpack is what everyone knows and uses on a regular basis. These are the traditional ones for meeting any packing purpose. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs depending on the brand. These backpacks also come in various price ranges which makes it affordable for the users to buy according to their budget.

The regular backpacks are one of the daily lifestyle apparels that house has, whether going to school, college, or any kind of commuting. The highlighted features of such backpacks are mostly 2 compartments, one outer pocket, and two mesh pockets for water bottles. Moreover, they are not too small nor too large to carry, which makes it the common choice of backpacks.

2.Daypack backpacks

The name says it all- daypack, which means you carry these ones for single-day traveling. These kinds of backpacks are quite popular among the young generation for their daily lifestyle. Mostly, they use it for university. Since they don’t have to carry lots of books like before, so they carry a few books and their other necessary items inside a daypack.

Also, use these backpacks for light trips for one day, such as hiking or picnic. Because, lightweight materials build them up, which in return is comfortable to carry. The daypacks have a very durable construction with water-resistant features to face all-day external issues. While choosing a daypack lookout for one from a popular manufacturer because not all of them are worth buying.

Daypacks have one large compartment and divided into two compartments inside. Some might have an extra pocket inside, while others do not. This is a perfect backpack for those who like hassle-free packing.

3.Rucksack backpacks

A rucksack backpack is something that serves the same purpose as a traditional backpack, but its size is comparatively limited. These backpacks are fashionable and very trendy to use on a daily basis. They aren’t very spacious inside, but luckily they have lots of pockets in the exterior.

Their compartments are what bring out their beauty and style. Moreover, unlike other backpacks, these rucksack backpacks contain buckle flaps for the main compartment. Whereas, the outer pockets have a zipper unlock system. Though they have less space, their frameless and loose buckled opening allows it to expand with extra stuff inside. There are no chances of zippers breaking in rucksacks due to the overload of the backpacks.

For those who want to commute with style on a daily basis, they can buy a rucksack backpack without any doubt.

4.Hiking and Camping backpacks

If you are an avid traveler you will need such backpacks, mainly known as hiking backpacks. They are really huge in size, and spacious. But don’t get scared of the size, because they are ergonomically made. Hence, you won’t feel any discomfort if you buy the right kind of hiking backpacking backpack.

These are framed backpacks, which means their shape won’t change throughout the adventure. Their back panel, shoulder straps are comfortable to ease up your adventure and make it more fruitful. You can carry folded tents, bin bags into this backpack along with other stuff. Their storage capacity is in liters, and they differ from 15 liters to 70 liters at most.

Choosing camping and hiking backpacks should also depend on your height and size, whichever your body fits you should buy that. There are also separate hiking backpacks for women made thinking about their posture. So, if you want to get the most comfort out of your hiking backpack, then choose the right kind.

5.Laptop Backpack

A laptop backpack is the most popular among college students. Because apart from carrying the laptop safely, they can carry books and other stuff inside. The specialty of laptop backpacks is that their laptop compartments are very safe. It is padded well to prevent the laptop from bumping. Also, it is zip-safe so the computer won’t slip or fall out by chance.

If you think that your daily life has a laptop as an essential part, then you should definitely buy a laptop backpack. Not only carrying it is enough, but providing safety is also important for such devices. Also, while you purchase the laptop backpack, make sure you look at the size too. Because different compartments fit in different sizes of laptops. So, a short compartment than your laptop’s size won’t properly fit your one.

6.Tactical Backpacks

Tactical backpacks are made for military purposes, so you already know how strong their build is. They also come in different designs, but their sizing is not too huge as they have to be carried by soldiers even while fighting. The main feature of such backpacks is durability.

However, tactical backpacks can be used by anyone who is looking for some robustness. Those who think their daily life involves dome adventure of some kind can stay relieved with these military backpacks. These tactical backpacks can be used in daily life. But, they are exorbitant to let you know but look at the bright side. It will last you a long time and you won’t have to rebuy backpacks all the time.

7.Tote backpacks:

Tote backpacks are a merge of two different kinds of bags. One is a tote, another is a backpack, so you know it can be used in two ways. How interesting is that? It means if your neck pains for carrying it, you can carry it along with the tote handle. Tote backpacks are a new addition to the backpack family and still aren’t so popular among users.

You can try a tote backpack for a change and won’t regret it. They are quite portable and lightweight. However, they are not so spacious, so you can carry things that require a one-day purpose. Some of the tote backpacks have outer pocket/s too, which gives you extra space to carry necessities.

8.Drawstring backpacks

These backpacks are common among daily gym-goers to carry a few pieces of clothes and a pair of shoes at most. They are airy in weight and comfortable to carry. They don’t give the individual neck or shoulder pain as there are strings instead of straps.

Everyone should have a drawstring backpack at home. It is great for emergency purposes. You can also carry it along with your travel backpack if by any chance you need some more things to carry. Due to string, you can carry it easily, or tie it along with your other backpack.

They are only one compartment with no other additional pockets. But they are a free size which means you can stuff in as much as you want unless it is stable to close. Drawstring backpacks are mostly made of polyester, which makes them water-repellent.

9.Sling backpacks

Sling bags are more of a style complement more than anything. They are the modern-day backpacks, carried by slinging on one shoulder. These backpacks are more common within the young generation as a style statement for daily school and college-going. Sling bags do not accommodate many items in them, especially laptops that cannot be carried in them.

However, different manufacturers come up with different sizes for sling backpacks. Therefore, pick up anything that matches your requirement. Sling backpacks can be a good addition to your backpack collection if you want a change from your regular backpacks.

10.Drybag backpacks:

These types of backpacks bags are great for regular outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or rafting. These backpack types have robust material construction and they are floaty and waterproof. They are bulky, yet lightweight for which you can carry them with ease on your activities.

Even though the name ‘dry bag backpack‘ is not common among regular people, and it can be hard to differentiate between a normal and dry bag backpack. But if you somehow get yourself a good quality dry bag, then rest be assured to use it for years. If you think, you are going to travel to a wet and rainy climate, then these dry bag backpacks will be an ideal choice.

11.Hydration backpacks

If you are going for a hike or camping long days in hot and humid climates, then you should buy a hydration backpack. The name says it all, as these backpacks have generous storage for water bottle conservation. If carrying water becomes your priority during travel, these backpacks will come to the rescue.

They are large and roomy too, so you can fit in your other belongings easily inside. However, you might have to bear the weight of the backpack due to the water reservoir. But, if your backpack has enough padding and buckle straps, then weight might not be a significant issue.

12.Compression backpacks

Nobody likes it when there is unused spacing inside the backpack where you cannot fit in anything. However, you won’t feel it with compression backpacks. These are the types where no space will be left unused and are the most efficient types of bags for long-distance traveling.

In other words, you can compress the bag by removing air and fit in whatever you want. These types of back pack will hold your belongings in shape, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right belongings ‘according to’ to the bag’s shape. In camping, you can also use compression bags as your pillow to sleep, as they are that flexible.

13.Duffel bag backpacks

This name might sound uncommon to many, but a duffel backpack is great for traveling with style. In simple words, they are called ‘carry-on’ backpacks. These backpacks sort of give you a vintage vibe. You can carry them either with two handles on the top or with the strap on your shoulder. Also, these are quite spacious and flexible.

Nowadays manufacturers are coming up with modern designs and functions of duffel bag backpacks. They have alternative uses for the gym, sports, and many other recreational activities. But do not take them for hiking as it is tough to carry them all through the mountain.


Everyone knows a suitcase but little did you know that now you can carry them on your back. Yes, now there are suitcase backpacks available. It is a great innovative merge between suitcase and backpack. If your neck feels discomfort carrying the backpack, then put it down and open the trolley to pull it along.

Suitcase backpacks are convenient for overseas travelers, as you can switch between the carrying options. However, they are not flexible for packing and you need to buy the size according to your requirement. Also, it will be difficult to carry larger ones on your back. There is no back strap for body support. Mostly, they are easy to carry like a trolley.

15.Out dry backpack

Out dry backpacks are made for tough environments, and to sustain through it. So, if you are an ad adventurer, you can buy an out-dry backpack without a pinch of doubt. Not only just they are waterproof, but also made durably to prevent wear and tear. They are well framed to hold the shape and huge in size.

Therefore, while buying an out-dry backpack, make sure you buy the nearest size according to your body’s. Or else, carrying a heavy backpack is cumbersome while walking.


Side-hung backpacks are definitely made to carry on either of your shoulders. These types of bags are made for those who suffer from back pain due to some injury and can’t carry traditional bags. Side-hung backpacks are better compact because you don’t want your shoulder to take all the pressure.

Those of you who are traveling for short, one-day trips, can go for a side-hung backpack. It will provide you enough comfort and casualty. Or for a casual day outing, you can go for a side-hung backpack.

17.Rain cover backpack

Rain cover backpacks are for those adventurers who have tendencies to visit rainy and wet places. The significance of these types of backpacks bags is only to save your belongings from water. Their materials are extremely water repellent and are lightweight at the same time.

The cover can be removed from the backpack if you want, and tuck it inside when it is not needed. They are flexible and spacious to carry lots of stuff. So, if you want a backpack that will provide a lightweight feel and water protection too, then buy a rain cover backpack.

18.Knapsack backpack

A knapsack backpack is 90’s travelers’ best friend. Once it was called only a knapsack as it couldn’t be carried on the back, but the modern manufacturers know innovation very well. They have merged drawstring backpacks and rucksacks to create these ‘knapsack backpacks.’

The main structure of these backpacks is similar to a daypack. Such as, a knapsack backpack that has only one compartment, and an outer zipped pocket at most. They are meant for regular use, such as college-going, gym, etc. But not suitable for carrying too many belongings for traveling purposes.

19.Satchel backpack

These types of backpacks are most common amongst ladies. Satchel bags are very stylish and mostly used for this reason. Their construction is hard and comes in many colors and designs. At most, you can carry a few books and other petty size essentials like mobile, air pods, etc.

Satchel backpacks were, are, and always will be on-trend. So, if there is any lady out there looking for a daily bag that will at least accommodate their small items, then a satchel bag will be the best option to choose from.

20.Randoseru backpack

And the final backpack on our list is a Randoseru backpack. We know no one here has ever heard of this name. The word ‘Randoseru’ is a Dutch word, but this backpack is most famous in Japan. Japanese students carry such backpacks for daily school and college commuting.

This backpack has a solid structure, mostly dome-shaped. They do not offer much flexibility, but they are compact to be carried easily for everyday use. They are pretty eye-catching and more unique than all the backpacks mentioned above. However, they are not meant for traveling purposes and carrying a large number of items.


Extra details about the backpacks


What types of backpacks are anti-theft backpacks?

A backpack’s anti-theft property is determined by its material. The thicker and durable the material will be, the more protective it will be. Thieves cannot easily cut through it. From the mentioned backpacks, the most secure backpack for anti-theft is the tactical backpack or the military backpack.

These backpacks are solely made to outlast any kind of wear and tear. It means, they will not be easy to cut even with the sharpest of pocket knives. If this is your concern, then go for a military backpack undoubtedly.

Is the daypack backpack meant for traveling with?

A daypack is a great option for traveling unless you are not carrying loads of belongings. These are not so spacious so you cannot accommodate heavy and large items in them. You can carry a daypack backpack for one-day trips, or mostly for school and college.

For traveling, you can buy a hiking backpack, a traditional one, or a duffel backpack according to your requirement. Make sure you look at the perfect size for your needs.


Things to look at for buying every type of backpacks

Before you buy any types of backpacks, you must have a look at these things.

Size of the backpack:

You should choose the size of the backpack depending on the purpose you are buying your bag for. Eventually, a travel backpack will require more space to fit in your clothes and all other belongings. Whereas, a school or college backpack does not need that much size.

The size measurement of backpacks is liters. The more liter, the greater space it will have.


After the size comes to comfort. Now the comfort of your backpack depends on many factors. Such as padding, enough ventilation, and support straps. Padding helps with the equal weight distribution of your backpack. Ventilation keeps your body cool while you are traveling around with the backpack. And, buckle straps help your back and shoulder from the overloaded bag.

Everyone’s first priority should be comfort. Also, picking the nearest size according to your height provides the optimum comfort. Comfort is a significant matter of travel backpacks. So, make sure you look into all these factors as a comfort carrier.


The extra features of backpacks also depend on your requirement. One of the most important features of a backpack is water protection. Because no one wants their belongings to destroy. Also, wetness causes the bag to rot soon and catch molds.

For every purpose, buying a waterproof backpack is a huge bonus. Also, a backpack with sufficient pockets and compartments helps you with proper organization. If water reservation is your goal, then buy a hydration backpack.


Durability is also the main concern for everyone because you don’t buy a backpack for use a few times. Therefore, buying a tough material backpack is important that will last for years even after facing external factors.




How can I clean my backpack?

Well, different kinds of backpacks have different types of cleaning requirements. You need to have a full idea of how your one needs to be washed. You must never bleach or use harsh detergents to wash backpacks. Rather use a mild soap, soak it, lightly scrub it, and there you go. Always take care of it, especially the zippers. Because zippers get breaks easily due to rough handling.

Moreover, try to avoid washing them in washing machines as much as possible. If you possibly use the machine, make sure the speed is in its lowest form. Always try to dry brush the backpack after every use. This will prevent dirt accumulation and you won’t feel the need to wash it frequently.

Which one of the backpacks is a lightweight hiking backpack?

If you want a lightweight hiking backpack, then go for a rain cover backpack. These are the most lightweight forms of hiking backpacks made in the market. On the other hand, they are spacious enough so you can pack lots of things inside. You won’t feel too heavy while climbing the mountain with these types of backpacks. On the bonus side, it will save your belongings from rainwater.

You can look for some popular types of backpack brands for hiking backpacks, such as North Face, Deuter, BAGGO, and many more.

Where can I use these backpacks for?

Whether for college, for office, or hiking, camping, or a day outing, we have every type and kinds here for you. Now that you know them, you can search for them in the online market. If you buy from a well-known manufacturer, you won’t regret it. We advise not to go for cheaper options and non-branded backpacks. They might save you cost but won’t last.

Can I carry a laptop inside my backpack?

Since these are fragile devices, you should only carry them in a laptop backpack. We have that on our list. A laptop backpack has the necessary protection, such as ample padding for your device, so you should not carry it in any protection-less backpack. Or else, you never know accidents might happen.


Final Words

So wasn’t that a resourceful article for the ones who were looking for different types of backpacks. We have provided 20+ options here as you have read. Remember, all of them serve different purposes and you should buy them according to your need. One should never buy a backpack just because they like the design or color. Because backpacks serve a purpose.

And to make your backpack last long, you should also take care of it like the way it is taking care of your belongings. There are many other types of backpacks, but we don’t want to confuse you. These were the most common ones that everyone uses and likes. So, what are you waiting for? Your much-needed backpack is just a few clicks away.

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